Road Projects

There will be several road projects this summer that will cause some delays and interruptions in travel. Your patience and cooperation will be needed.

Shoulder Work and Paving on M134 this summer will begin about July 14 and conclude about September 7. The shoulders on both sides of M134 from the school to the quarry will be dug up and replaced, and the entire road will be repaved.

The paved shoulders from Bush Bay to the county line east on M134 will be expanded from 3-foot-wide to 5-foot-wide, and road way repaved.

While part of the project is to accommodate bicyclers, there will not be any special markings to show that.

Grove Street from Beach Street to Kasper Street will be repaired and paved this summer along with Hill Island and Island No.8. The projects have been contracted with the County but bid requests have not gone out yet (April 1). Once the bids have been accepted and processed, the dates will be posted.

The annual chloride application will be done in early June.