Harbor Projects

Cedarville Harbor Project

Cedarville Harbor marina building is about 85% complete and will be completed by the end of April. Our kudos to S-n-K Construction for their work during this unusual winter.

The Dunn family is generously donating to the building project and donating a flag pole.  Many have donated and contributed to this project to enhance the harbor and to be a welcome site to the Les Cheneaux Islands. This has been a community project in many ways.

We are very grateful to the Les Cheneaux Lions Club for their generous donation of $10,000 for the Cedarville Harbor Project! The new marina building and docks not only enhance the appearance of the harbor, but provide new amenities to the boating community and offer an invitation to come and visit the Les Cheneaux Islands both in Hessel and Cedarville. Each community has its attractions which expand interest in the whole area, and which presents a richer picture of the Les Cheneaux Islands and Clark Township.

The marina building at Cedarville Harbor is almost complete. The next major construction work will include sidewalks, construction at the shoreline, and final installation of the docks.