Harbor Projects

Hessel Habor

Edgewater Resources of St. Joseph, Michigan will conduct a preliminary engineering study of Hessel harbor for upgrades, improvements and modifications. The Township board approved the engineering firm at its meeting of October 16. The Township received a $19,500 grant from the MDNR Waterways

Commission to conduct the study, to be matched with $20,500 by the Township.
The project is included in the Township’s 2018-2022 Recreation Plan. Among the items to be reviewed and studied:

  • Replace the marina comfort station building
  • A preventative maintenance plan and capital improvement plan
  • Landscaping with native plants
  • Renovate launch ramp and skid pier
  • Harbor infrastructure
  • Repave parking lot
  • and more.

Estimated costs for complete restoration and construction is about $2,000,000. The Hessel harbor was first constructed in 1965.

Cedarville Harbor Project