From the Treasurer's Department
Tax Tips:
Summer taxes are due September 14. Late interest and penalties begin accruing September 15. Taxes may be paid to the township until the following February 28.

Winter taxes are due February 28. After February 28, all taxes are considered delinquent and must be paid to the Mackinac County Treasurer. Please check your winter bill to see if it says "Summer Taxes Owing".  If that is the case, your summer bill still has a balanced owed.

Where Do My Tax $$$ Go?

Clark Township provides and maintains the following general services to the area residents:

Ambulance Department, Fire Department, Planning Commission, Zoning Board, Community Center, Cedar Cemetery, Italian Cemetery, Fenlon Cemetery, Hessel Marina, Hessel Beach, Hessel Boat Launch, Cedarville Park, Cedarville Boat Launch and Parking Area, Hessel Airport, Clark Township Transfer Station, Office and Building Administration, Committees which serve Clark Township and The Snows Heritage Park.