The Planning Commission

The Township Planning Commission is comprised of nine persons from various segments of the community appointed for three-year terms by the Supervisor and approved by the Township Board. The Commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7 pm at the Township hall. All meetings are open to the public.

The Commission is responsible to make and approve a Master Plan to guide Township development. The Commission shall review, grant, grant with conditions, or deny appeals for special land uses by residents following a review by the Building and Zoning Inspector. The Commission shall insure such requests comply with the standards set in the zoning ordinance, conditions imposed under the zoning ordinance, and other ordinances, state and federal statutes.

Compliance and conditions imposed are designed to protect:

  • the intent and purpose of the zoning ordinance
  • natural resources, the health, safety and welfare as well as the social and economic wellbeing of those who will use the land or any activity under consideration;
  • residents and land owners immediately adjacent to the proposed land use or activity; and,
  • the community as a whole.

The Commission may recommend changes to the zoning ordinance following a public hearing on the proposed changes.

The Township ordinances can be found n the document's section of the website.