The local assessor is responsible for annually reviewing every assessment in their taxing jurisdiction. Tax Day is December 31 of each year and the property is assessed at 50% of its 'True Cash Value' as of that date. The township assessor, through the local board of review, is the only agency that is allowed to change an individual assessment.

There are various reasons that your assessed and taxable values can increase. The assessed value represents 50% of the value of the property and has no limit in which it can increase. Some of the reasons that an assessed value can increase is because of improvements made to the property and general market increases. Taxable values are capped at rate of inflation increases or 5%, whichever is less, unless there are new improvements made to the property.

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The assessor and staff face the responsibility and challenge of accurately and efficiently estimating the market value of taxable properties. How well the challenge is met directly affects the proportion of local governmental costs borne by each and every property owner, as well as the effectiveness of local government in general.

Michigan Constitution and property tax law requires that all property be uniformly assessed at no more than 50% of true cash value, which is the cash price a property could bring in a competitive and open market.

Understanding Proposal A in a declining Market
General Property Tax Act [MCL211.1] requires real and personal property to be assessed annually in each township and city by a certified assessing officer. Assessment roll must include the name and address of every person subject to taxation in the municipality. The roll must also contain a full property description, including the number of acres.
Assessing department is required to maintain assessing records, which includes annual assessments, taxable values, and maintenance of name, address, legal descriptions and homestead information of each property in the township. Inspections of properties will be made to continually develop accurate assessing records.

Staff will be in the field periodically to measure and update photos. The use and distribution of this information provides an indirect benefit to any individual who wishes to buy, sell or finance property in the Township.

We hope this endeavor will further enhance the availability of information to the township residents.

We thank you for your cooperation and support!

General Property Tax Act

211.27 “True Cash Value” Definition 

Demolition/Moving of Structure?
Please submit a signed and dated drawing or attached plan of the property showing approximate location of structure(s) to be demolished/moved along with roads, other buildings, etc. – current plot plan or site plan is preferred.
Reminder - Tax Day is December 31st!

Purchasing property?
FYI - Upon purchasing or a transfer of property - use the below property tax estimator - for a more accurate indication of property taxes, enter the current assessed value (S.E.V.) or 50% of Sale Price, instead of taxable value.

Use the link below, from the State of Michigan, to assist you in estimating your future tax payment.

State of Michigan Tax Payment Estimator

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